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Turn buckle

Turnbuckle used primarily for assembly or stretched wire rope, tying steel wire rope, tie rod, wire rope follow the horizontal or vertical direction

There are many different kind of turnbuckle:

  • Load rated Green Pin turnbuckle
  • Open body rigging screws
  • Rigging screw with welding ends closed body rigging screws
  • Special turnbuckle
We supply all the turnbuckles. We can provide the large type and special type as request of customers

How to use:

Turnbuckle prior to use must ensure:
• Turnbuckle is used only follow the horizontal or vertical direction.  
• Working Limit load only applies in the vertical direction, not allowed to over-use.
• Turnbuckle can be deformed during use. The distortion should be replaced so as not to affect the working limit load of the product.
• The threaded of the turnbuckle and connection part must be the same type and undamaged

Turn buckle types:
Eye - Jaw Hook - Hook Eye - Eye Eye - Eye Jaw - Jaw