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In addition to the goods, Minh Giang is pleased to send to customers the following services:

Import and export marine industry's equipments

Design consultant, registry Marine supplies and equipment
Commissioning, testing tensile products
Get mechanical processing products as required
Transporting, Load and unload goods
Steel wire rope load testing service at Minh Giang:

- Compact steel wire ropes, all the steel wire ropes prior to sell have quality inspection by the testing pull and load system. This is a very important stage, contributing to the lowest limit possible danger during the operation and use of products.
- We receive steel wire ropes load testing and some other categories such as Nylon rope, tie ropes on ship ... for the individuals and enterprises demand.
Press and plait steel wire ropes + Rope (Nylon, PP, PE…)
Press steel wire rope
Pressing machines
Pressed steel wire rope.
Plait rope
Transporting, load and unload goods

- With a team of experience drivers and truck systems, self-propelled crane, forklift modern and specialized. We receive transportation and rental on the reasonable price and high safety for your shipment.

If you need transportation please call the number 0904.080.789 -0903.226.325