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Office area Work shop warehouse system built according to European standards
Office The rich variety of goods Always have the specialized goods with huge load capacity
Many models and types System of the equipment and machinery is always available for the transportation, construction Steel wire ropes and sling
The products are always stock in large numbers at the warehouse, and get ready to meet all orders Constructed image of the enterprise
Mechanical systems and equipments of modern industry from Europe The products are done by the professional team of experienced mechanics To be included in commission and certification prior to delivery
The product is testing by the testing pull and load on the specialized systems of Minh Giang Private Enterprise Finished product All the mooring wire ropes, nylon wire rope
The products are imported from European suppliers and being tested, moderation before being put into stock Minh Giang is the exclusive distributor of lifting equipment of famous brands from Europe like Vanbesst, Rud, Exel, GreenPin, Thiele
The cable suspension bridges projects. (cable suspension bridge photo in Bac Kan) The lifting system, handling (the photo at the port of Green port HP) The construction of cranes boom and Liebherr crane (the photo at 128 HP port)
Steel wire rope and other materials used in slipways, building ships Construction projects for the steel wire rope system of port Check, replace and fix the steel wire rope works
Steel wire rope used in dedicated cranes Hoisting system for mineral and mining Steel wire rope in the grab systems used in thermal power and cement sectors
warehouse system built according to European standards