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Wire rope clips



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Wire rope fixed device, also known as Wire rope clips, used to clamp the wire rope ‘s belt, butts when the steel wire rope cannot plaiting, connecting  together or needed for the temporary connection point. These types of wire rope clips device are  diverse and productive. This devices compacted in drop-shaped, steel troweling have a groove to tight embrace and create the best fixed frictional resistance.

How to use

There are many factors that can have an effect not so good to the close level of wire rope clip device such as:

  • The thread of screw has been twist tightening, but not permanent to the steel troweling.
  • The thread of screw stick dust dirty, oil or rusty objects that all obstructed the tightening of the wire rope clips to the steel wire rope.

Wire rope clips device compacted that have better force sustain surface and more  durability than wire rope clips  made ​​of cast iron. Do not use wire rope clips device in the following cases:

  1. Hoist wire in the mines
  2. Transmission by steel wire rope to siphon in the steel mill and steel manufactures.
  3. Fast-moving line
  4. A steel wire rope connected to a large load equipment in the lifting process, except in the special cases that use the pulley system or used only once.

Need to regularly inspect and products testing must comply with current safety standards of the host country, because the products can be worn, improperly used or over-use... and lead to changed the structural of products.

Products should be inspected once every six months or more if the products use in harsh environments