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  • Shackle application..

  • Shackle..

Shackle is widely used in the fixed support system for connecting  steel wire rope, chain or other rope types.

Bow shackle is use for the temporary application flexibility while Dee Shackle with safety key is used for stationary applications or permanent suspension; long-term. D-shape Shackle is used primarily in single-leg systems whereas the omega-shape shackle maily used in multi-leg system


All the shackle products are design for each intended use and technical requirements. Shackle made ​​from high-strength steel, Grade 6, Grade 8 (depending on manufacturer)
Safety: MBL corresponding 6 x WLL, 8xWLL
Finish: hot dip galvanized, colour painted, plated or painted.
Temperature range allows:-20C to +200 C or even more so when there are other requirements

When a Shackle is certainly used to assemble the blocks with a steel wire rope hook up so  the load of shackle will increase by the drag effect.
Shackle should not be used in the motional load because Shackle’s safety key can rotate and get stuck, not removable. In the case of forced to use or use contrary to Shackle design for long-term so the safety latches must ensure to the maximum, you should use a Shackle has bolts key and screw nuts  protected.