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Socket used to permanent the wire rope. It is considered the holding of the tube, ..., anchor wire rope of  drilling rig, pulling wire rope or permanent wire rope for use in road construction, rooftop building ....
Compared with other devices connected to the steel wire rope, socket is considered the most healthy, if used properly, it can achieve bearing minimum load damage capacity of steel wire rope. In the past, someone used molten zinc to flow into the socket to permanent the connection with steel wire rope, but today people use the proper glue to replace

There are many different types of sockets, including:

  • Closed spelter socket
  • Open spelter socket
  • Open wedge socket
  • Open swage socket
  • Closed swage socket

How to use

Products need regular tested and the test must meet the safety standards. This is necessary because  when using the product may be affected by wear and tear, misuse specifications, overload, etc. leads to the deformation,structural changes the material inside.

Should be examined at least 6 months and more frequently if using socket in harsh environments